Welcome To Vorak Solutions

We are software company of highly motivated and experienced professionals from the USA and Armenia (more about Armenia).

What We Do

Contract Services and Development


    • Quality Assurance
      • Validation for functionality, performance and security
      • Test and reporting automation
      • Maintenance
    • Development
      • High Performance Computing
      • Big Data processing & analytics
      • Machine Learning & applications


    • Quality Assurance
      • Validation for functionality, performance and security
      • Migration into the cloud
      • Maintenance
    • Development
      • Build and deploy automation
      • IoT applications
      • Big Data processing


    • Quality Assurance
      • HDL, Timing, Synthesis and Place & Route validation
      • Hardware-Software co-verification
      • Maintenance
    • Development
      • HDL parser integration
      • Timing reporting
      • Graphical User Interface

About Us

Vorak Solutions LLC was founded in 2015 in the US and Armenia. The company was formed by experienced and highly motivated professionals from both countries based on a long-standing successful collaboration of the management and engineering teams providing high quality development and quality assurance services in the areas of software, cloud and electronic design automation products at a fraction of first world engineering costs.

"Vorak" means "Quality" in the Armenian language (Որակ) which reflects and highlights our mission: Enabling customers success by delivering Quality on Time.


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