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We are software company of highly motivated and experienced professionals from the USA and Armenia. More about Armenia ➜

What We Do

Contract Services and Development


    • Quality Assurance
      • Validation for functionality, performance and security
      • Migration into the cloud
      • Maintenance
    • Development
      • Build and deploy automation
      • IoT applications
      • Big Data processing

Cost savings

    • Quality Assurance
    • Development
      • Cloud spending and performance optimiziation
      • Smooth and stress-free transition to Graviton
      • DevOps and CI/CD automation and optimization


    • Quality Assurance
      • HDL, Timing, Synthesis and Place & Route validation
      • Hardware-Software co-verification
      • Maintenance
    • Development
      • HDL parser integration
      • Timing reporting, logic synthesis
      • Graphical User Interface


    • Quality Assurance
      • Validation for functionality, performance and security
      • Test and reporting automation
      • Maintenance
    • Development
      • High Performance Computing
      • Big Data processing & analytics
      • Machine Learning & applications

About Us

Vorak Solutions LLC was founded in 2015 in the US and Armenia. The company was formed by experienced and highly motivated professionals from both countries based on a long-standing successful collaboration of the management and engineering teams providing high quality development and quality assurance services in the areas of software, cloud and electronic design automation products at a fraction of first world engineering costs.

"Vorak" means "Quality" in the Armenian language (Որակ) which reflects and highlights our mission: Enabling customers success by delivering Quality on Time.


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